Area 51, we have all wondered its mysteries..., so meet Subject 34. Found in the gulf of Mexico right next to a boot, and a bag of chips. Inside a tube made out of a new material that seems like translucent titanium. They took him to area 51 for further inspection. After 4 years of testing, he decided he is done, and will not take it any longer. So you play as Subject 34 and try to escape Area 51, you will have multiple obstacles, such as the FBI, Scientists, Lasers, Brainwashed Aliens, and last, but not least... It who shall not be named. (Cameras), but that is not all. You will have to collect gadgets, and new aliens to help you escape.

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Published325 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsAliens, area-51

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